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  1. Gauge was a Chicago band that played an oddly progressive form of punk-rock and released two albums, Soothe () and Fire Tongue Burning Stomach (). Gauge drummer Ryan Rapsys then formed Heroic Doses with 5ive Style's Bill Dolan and played in Tim Kinsella's Joan Of Arc.. Euphone was born as Ryan Rapsys' solo project with a few singles on Hefty and the album Euphone (Hefty, ), a.
  2. Tongue of fire. Common Questions and Answers about Tongue of fire. tongue. There are a huge host of things that can cause tongue lesions. I see from your profile history that you have Hep C and are currently getting treatment for it, with interferon and ribavirin, I assume. bad taste in mouth, burning sensation in tongue, gastritis, fatigue.
  3. Gauge released their first full-length, Soothe, by the end of After releasing their second album in , entitled Fire Tongue Burning Stomach, they announced their break up. A posthumous 10" was released in , making the band's final recordings available. During their career, Gauge Genres: Post-hardcore.
  4. May 22,  · sore tongue, bleeding gums, mouth on fire! Chronic Illness Forums > Hi urge! I have a few mouth issues, but I don't have ulcerations. I do have sore gums, severe burning tongue and general tenderness. I have found that it is a combination of several things that have helped me. 1) I gave up whitening toothpaste as it burned even worse.
  5. Fire Tongue Burning Stomach by Gauge, released 05 September 1. Thermos 2. Sheephurter 3. Chola Moo Key 4. Cotton Cane Candy Candy 5. Dead Beat Strategy 6. Lambchop Dynamite 7. Choke Lucky Seven 8. Soothe 9. Shabby Butter Wilt Necklace Arsenal Tree Nursery Scott "Gub" Conway - Guitar/Vocals Kevin J. Frank - Guitar/Vocals Ryan Rapsys - Drums Neil Sandler - Bass Recorded .
  6. Feb 21,  · Gauge was a post-hardcore band from the suburbs of Chicago, IL who formed on New Years Day, , and played their last show on October 6,
  7. Track Name: Rearranged with a 12 Gauge Butchered by buckshot, shredded by shrapnel. Up close and personal with my sawn of arsenal. Mutilated at close range, shooting lead into your veins. Spewing blood right out your mouth, pumping shells into your bowels. .

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