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  1. The bleed and slug areas are discarded when the document is trimmed to its final page size. Objects outside the bleed or slug area (whichever extends farthest) are not printed. When printing, you can override the default location for bleed marks in the Bleed And Slug area of the Marks And Bleed area.
  2. Sep 26,  · In the new document dialog box, simply enter a value for the bleed of the file in the Bleed and Slug section of the dialog box. Or if the file is already created, you can choose File > Document Setup and enter the bleed value there. With the bleed added, you’ll notice a new red guide appear around the outer edge of your document.
  3. Bleed is for when you want a background color or image to extend all the way to the edge of a page. And see, in order for that to work on a printing press, you actually have to extend it past the edge of the page onto the paste board. If you don't then when it ends up on press, you may see a white sliver down one side or the other. So to compensate, printers want you to extend the object .
  4. Sep 27,  · An in-depth look at Bleed, Trim and Margin. What they are and how to set them up for your printing projects.
  5. Since the bleed area will be trimmed, there should be no text or other important information in the bleed area. Projects that make use of image bleed should extend any bleeding background and/or images 1/8-inch over the final paper trim edge. You should keep all other text and graphics at least 1/4-inch' away from the final edge that will be cut.
  6. In printing, bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge of where the sheet will be trimmed. In other words, the bleed is the area to be trimmed off. The bleed is the part on the side of a document that gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper, and design inconsistencies. Artwork and background colors often extend into the bleed area. After trimming, the bleed ensures .
  7. Nov 15,  · slug area (an area outside the page and bleed that contains printer instructions or job sign-off information). If you are setting crop marks and want the artwork to contain a bleed or slug area, make sure that you extend the artwork past the crop marks to accommodate the bleed or slug. Also make sure that your media size is large.

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