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  1. Aug 12,  · “Kids” is the second single from OneRepublic’s fourth studio album, Oh My My. The lyrics premiered on Genius on Aug. 11, , and the song’s audio was released globally on Aug.
  2. Background and composition. Talking to Wonderland Magazine about Oh My My, OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder spoke about what fans could expect from the album: "Everything – you could do an entire album on a laptop these days, and some of the biggest records are all electronic laptop driven, and there's a lot of humanity, I think, missing in radio. And so we wanted to make sure that you could Label: Mosley, Interscope.
  3. Oct 12,  · Native is still my favorite album, it was just something different. With that said, I really do like Oh My My. Songs like "Better," "Let's Hurt Tonight," "Future Looks Good," "Human" "Kids" Heaven" all have a little different sound than those in Native, but there is still a lot of original OneRepublic /5().
  4. Oct 07,  · Oh My My is an exhilarating dash through Minspired synth epics (“Kids”), spiny, xx-like guitar ballads (“Fingertips”), sci-fi dance thrills (the Peter Gabriel collabo “AI”), and cloud-parting choruses (“Choke”)—all of which feature the modern yet deeply human flourishes we’ve come to love. Oh My My OneRepublic.
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