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Life Of Peasants - Icepick Revival - P E C A V I


  1. Chapter 10 - History STUDY. PLAY. Which of the following were not included in the threefold division of medieval society? A) Clergy B) Nobility C) Townspeople D) Peasants E) Serfs. C) Townspeople. During the Middle Ages, the social order and social relations purity of life C) monasticism D) the Apostolic life of poverty and preaching E.
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  3. On the other hand, the revival associated with the life of Saint Francis of Assisi would be called a revival within the Roman Catholic Church. But, because of many features about it, this revival might also be called an evangelical revival, despite the fact that it occurred before the Reformation.
  4. peasants could graze animals or forest where peasants could hunt, fish, and gather firewood C Cultivated land Spring and fall plantings laid out in long strips to minimize the number of turns required while plowing D Fallow land During crop rotation, land left unplanted to allow it to recover E Common workshops Shared work areas such as a mill to.

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