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  1. single lightning strike can generate multiple shock waves. The shock waves bounce off the inside of the tree stem and cause tree tissue shifts along the stem’s circumference. The most noticeable symptom of a lightning strike on a tree, other than bark damage, is leaf wilting from disrupted water transport in the stem or roots. Permanent leaf wilting on a major branch or quadrant of the.
  2. Lightning Struck Tree Damage. Sometimes, a tree splinters or shatters when hit. In other trees, lightning blows off a strip of bark. Still others appear undamaged, yet suffer unseen root injury that will kill them in short order. Whatever amount of damage you see on a tree after lightning strikes, remember that the tree has been severely stressed, Author: Teo Spengler.
  3. A tree struck by lightning can appear to be perfectly normal immediately following a strike. On the other hand, some trees struck by lightning can explode or burst into flames. In some cases it is easy to diagnose lightning damage on a tree.
  4. Bark Damage. When lightning strikes a tree, it can cause the tree to bend and bounce back, which cracks the bark. Sometimes this splits the tree open; other times, it blows bark from the tree and breaks branches. In the case of multiple shock waves, more splitting may be noticeable.
  5. If a tree struck by lightning doesn't catch on fire and burn to the ground, it may live for quite a while even with extensive injuries. Lightning -damaged trees, however, will often be more susceptible to other types of damage, such as that from insects, disease, and decay.
  6. Oct 04,  · Electricity can be deflected away from the wood by metal structures, wires, clotheslines and such. Lightning protection systems handle the charge that way. Electrical resistence is lower in decayed wood, and a strike can internalize and ground through the interior of a tree with a substantial internal column of decay.
  7. Sep 02,  · Lightning strikes a tree right in front of me while filming a storm - Duration: Darryl Outdoors , views.
  8. Mar 18,  · Tree Damage. You can tell a tree has been hit by lightning by identifying a few signs and symptoms. For example, a lightning struck tree will often exhibit peeling, open bar wounds, loosened bark, and missing bark. It may also have black burn stains at the base or top of the tree.

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