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  1. 1. A Thousand Deaths 2. Children of the Mushroom Cloud 3. God of the Underworld 4. Dead Angel’s Choir 5. Until the Day Arrives 6. Under My Skin 7. An Opposite Law 8. Demonic 9. Profane Murder. Label: Scarlet Records.
  2. A thousand deaths - a thousand lies - a thousand beliefs You listened, you read, you joined the dead And now is the time To ask yourself the question of all times Kill yourself - you cannot stand the "truth" Kill yourself - your "life" ain't nothing worth God of the underworld - show her the flames God of the underworld - release and erase.
  3. A Thousand Deaths Diabolical. 2. Children Of The Mushroom Cloud 3. God Of The Underworld Until The Day Arrives 6. Under My Skin 7. An Opposite Law.
  4. Text písně a překlad Until the Day Arrives od Diabolical. I observe the sand in the timeglass The day of the death is close at hand When the sun and moon a.. Diabolical - Until the Day Arrives - text, překlad - ballarnfeziussaikelv.infoinfo
  5. Recording information: Recorded and mixed at Studio Underground, Sweden on August 20 - September 2, Mastered at Mastering Room, Gothenburg on December 29,

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