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  1. Mar 11,  · This year for Mother's Day we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the mums who are campaigning and raising awareness to make everyday equality for disabled people a reality. 'Not all heroes wear capes' and thanks to their work, the world will be a .
  2. May 05,  · ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Police found a second hidden camera inside of the bathroom of the same Georgia Starbucks on Thursday, according to WGCL. .
  3. Jul 13,  · Many people have tried to figure out how the ancients lifted those megalithic blocks. Some of these stones weigh more than tons. The blocks on the Great pyramid weigh about tons each and there are millions of them. For those who don’t know, 1 ton equals lbs. tons is , lbs a block, tons is 4 million lbs a block.
  4. May 10,  · REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- Near the corner of Hall and Harris Streets in Reidsville, a mystery lingers. “You can't but help get a desperate feeling when you drive past it and you look at it .
  5. Mar 08,  · More than a hobby or a club or a company (although it is all of those things), the Dub Dynasty is best understood as a low-and-slow approach to life. For Calgary’s Jesse Schinkel, it .
  6. May 09,  · The foot was wedged in a logjam and police say the forensic identification service and the BC Coroners Service are investigating. Gabriola Island RCMP say they will work with the coroner in an effort to determine the identity of the remains. More than a dozen feet have washed up on B.C.

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