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  1. Robert A.M. Ross, a resident of Philadelphia, is a composer of choral music and a choral conductor.
  2. Essays Hidden Treasures An Annotated Survey of Jewish Worship Services Written for Cantor, Choir, and Organ By: Charles Davidson Oct 1, A period member of the St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music, an early champion of Jewish music, composer of orchestral works. It is important to note his early work with the Hazamir Choral.
  3. On album: B(b) (Halevi Choral Society/Orch Hall Concert Jacob Barkin, Tenor) Track ID: Composer Mindlin, Avrom Vocal Barkin, Khazn Jacob -- באַרקין, חזן יעקבֿ Artist Halevi Choral Society Artist Reznick, Hyman, cond Track comment: Part of 14 song medley under name "Ba'uverinnu" Language: Hebrew.
  4. Guide to the Papers of Vladimir Heifetz, The Jewish Music Forum, Society for the Advancement of Jewish Musical Culture, , New York, NY, Feb, , Vol. IX, Heifetz listed on p 7 as composer and pianist, Heifetz listed on p 11 as composer, 48 pp (Chad Gadyo) (eyn tsigele, eyn tsigele), Yid. trans S. Alman, satb and.
  5. Name: Wilensky, Moshe Name On album: J(a) (The REAL Complete Jewish Party Music Collection / David & The High Spirit) Track ID: Artist David & Gila's Band with chorus Vocal Halevi Choral Society Conductor Reznick, Hyman, cond First line: Uri Tsiun hoy, uri liv shi uzekh.
  6. The Recorded Sound Archives at Florida Atlantic University Libraries (RSA) is located in the Wimberly Library on FAU's Boca Raton campus. Originally established in as a small project dedicated to the preservation of recorded Jewish music, it has matured into a robust digitization operation for all types of sound recordings.
  7. During her years in New York, Jochsberger also used radio and television to reach a wider audience of students. She served as host and producer of three thirteen-part half-hour television series produced by the Tarbuth Foundation: Music of the Jewish People (), Experiences in Jewish Music (), and A Kaleidoscope of Jewish Music().
  8. 13B I humbly place before You this noise, my songs, so that my joy will draw near to You. 14A May my praise be a crown for Your head, my prayers be accepted like incense. 14B May the poor person's song be dear to You, like the songs that were offered with the sacrifices.

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